Regardless of your background, whether your interest is casual or professional, the huge diversity of habitats on the Island, make bird and wildlife watching easy for anyone.

The estuaries and creeks to the north of the Island are especially rich in birdlife; Newtown Creek, for example, can be visited at anytime of the year and you will not be disappointed by the plethora of fantastic species that you can be lucky enough to encounter. Regardless of your level of interest as a watcher, you can find an almost limitless variety of different places to explore.

One place is never the same as the passage of time constantly paints its veil of change, with many of our bird species being only summer or winter visitors. Even though the Island is a popular tourist attraction, it is still easy to find yourself wandering alone through many hectares; isolated in the calming beauty of the Island that has inspired some of history's greatest writers and artists.

Many of the coastal areas draw visitors to the beaches but it is the cliffs and chines above where you will find the action. With over 500 miles of footpaths snaking through an area of only 147 square miles, it is easy to get straight out there from pretty much any starting point.

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