This publication has been funded and supported by the Isle of Wight Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty's Sustainable Development Fund and the European Leader+ Programme, managed locally by the Isle of Wight Economic Partnership.

'It's all about the Birds' is a part of a wider 'Valuing Wetlands' initiative that has been developed to enhance the environmental value of the Isle of Wight's Wetlands. This has involved the delivery of various projects by the Green Island Project, the Island 2000 Trust, the Isle of Wight Council and the Medina Valley Centre. Please see their respective websites for further information about their activities.

The Isle of Wight is part of a wider European Wetlands Network; please see for further information about the Network's activities.

Special thanks to Becky Law for researching and exploring each of the wetlands featured.

Special thanks to Colin Pope (County Ecologist) for supplying the info on the Island's flora.

All images are supplied courtesy of Wildlife UK, for further information, commissions etc. please see for details.

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