The Isle of Wight is an excellent place to see a profusion of beautiful wild flowers. The extent of accessible, open countryside, the wide range of coastal and inland habitats and a favourable climate combine to make the Island an ideal place to study a diverse collage of plant life.

Take a stroll along any one of the maze of rural footpaths and you are sure to discover plenty of interest. It is difficult to pick out any one place as being particularly better than the others but, in general, woods offer the most floral eye-candy in the spring, the coast from May onwards and the downs are at their peak between June and August.

A visit to Ventnor Botanic Gardens will show how the Island's unique climate enables a great variety of exotic and tender plants to thrive. If you combine this with a gentle ramble along the coast, either eastwards to Ventnor and Bonchurch or westwards to St Lawrence, you will encounter a representative selection of native coastal plants. In season, you should come across Sea Pink, Hoary Stock, Alexanders, Cowslip, Rock Sea Spurrey, Sea Radish, Ivy Broomrape and Sea Kale.

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