Culver Trail (approx. 4 miles)
This trail is not recommended for wheelchairs or pushchairs due to a number of stiles and some steps. Starting at the Windmill, walk down the track that continues straight along from the entrance gate. Near the bottom of the slope you come into a wooded area (Steyne Wood). At the fork go down the right hand path, follow it down to the road. Turn right down this road and continue along till you get to a junction with a road on your left. Cross the road and head down the new one. Follow this road right to the end where it meets Hillway Road.

Turn right down Hillway and go down till you meet a sharp corner bearing right and a lane going left. Cross the road and go up the lane. Going along here you will pass Peacock Hill Farm and Glover’s Farm. The lane bends to the right a little way after Glover’s. On the left hand side of the lane at this corner is a footpath with a gate and a stile. Go over the stile. The path goes fairly straight towards the chalk pit; it gets gradually steeper uphill as you go. You will come into a slightly wooded area as you get closer to the pit. There is a crossroad of paths at the pit, you can either take the left most path and cut off the corner, or you can go for the one straight on, this description goes straight on.

Head for the Lord Yarborough Monument, which is situated at the top as it levels off. Continue across the grass to the stile, which leads onto the road. Go left down the road past the pub. The road forks at the bottom but you can continue to walk straight on across the grass to the Beacon. Walk all the way across the grass to the road, bearing left around the gun emplacements and head for the left-hand corner of the car park. There is a fence at the bottom, negotiate this, take a sharp right to a chalk path leading into a wooded area. Out of the woods, cross a field, heading towards the Caravan site. You have joined the Isle of Wight Coastal Path. Carry along the Coastal Path to a wooden building.

The path normally goes over a bridge over a sunken track but this may not be accessible at the time so you can go around if needs must. Just head towards the right-hand corner of the field where there is a gap. You go into a wooded area running beside the cliff. Head towards the corner where there is a junction in the path. Take the left fork (footpath BB10). Cross the School drive and head diagonally to a gap between two fences. The path becomes a lane; follow this back up to Hillway Road. Go down the hill to the left a little way till there is a footpath visible on the right-hand side of the road. Follow this path back into Steyne Wood. After a while you get to a road in the woods. Cross the road, the path continues on the other side. You reach a junction, go right. After a while you are back on the track up to the windmill to where you started.

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